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Energeto 8000 ๐Ÿ†• windows window-profiles aluplast energeto-8000

The Energeto 8000 window by Aluplast is an innovative solution with excellent thermal and acoustic insulation. Thanks to high energy efficiency, it minimizes heat loss and lowers heating costs. It has a low heat transfer coefficient Uf, ensuring high insulation. In addition, it reduces noise from the outside, creating a calm interior. Equipped with advanced sealing systems, it protects against drafts and moisture. Available in various patterns and colors, they easily adapt to individual preferences and the style of the building. They provide easy operation and a high level of security.


Width85 mm
Number of chambers6
Sealing system3 seals
Heat transfer coefficient0.94W/m2K
Maximum acoustic insulation33 dB
Security factor9
Carbon footprint8
Durability factor9
Wind resistanceclass C4
Watertightnessclass 9A
Air permeabilityclass 4


Energeto 8000 ๐Ÿ†• Classic windows window-profiles aluplast energeto-8000


Energeto 8000 ๐Ÿ†• With aluminum overlay windows window-profiles aluplast energeto-8000

With aluminum overlay

Energy modified windows

Energy-modified windows, such as the Energeto 800 window, are an innovative solution offered by Aluplast.

Thanks to the use of advanced technologies and high-quality materials, these windows provide excellent thermal and acoustic insulation.

The Energeto 800 window is designed to minimize heat loss and help reduce heating costs. Thanks to the low heat transfer coefficient Uf, which means excellent thermal insulation, these windows effectively retain heat in the rooms, eliminating unwanted energy leakage.

Protection against drafts and moisture

Protection against drafts and moisture is an important aspect that is a priority when designing modern windows, such as the Energeto 8000 window. Thanks to advanced technological solutions, this window offers an effective barrier against negative weather conditions.

The Energeto 8000 window is equipped with advanced sealing systems that effectively protect the interior against drafts and moisture. As a result, users can enjoy a dry and comfortable environment, free from unwanted drafts that can cause discomfort and heat loss.

A wide selection of colors

Thanks to a wide range of colors to choose from, you can create a harmonious composition with the rest of the faรงade, emphasize the original character of the building or adapt the windows to current design trends. Regardless of your aesthetic preferences, you can find the right color that will perfectly fit into the surroundings and interior.

The available Woodec and Aludec colors for the Energeto 8000 window are unique and recommended options that perfectly match various architectural styles and aesthetic preferences.

Woodec is an imitation of natural wood that gives Energeto 8000 windows a warm and pleasant appearance. Available in various shades of wood, Woodec colors are the perfect solution for those looking for elegance and natural character. It is an excellent choice for people who value the traditional look of wooden windows, without the need for intensive maintenance.

Aludec, on the other hand, is a unique aluminum coating that gives Energeto 8000 windows a modern and innovative look. Available in various colors and finishes, Aludec colors add character and style to Energeto 8000 windows. In addition, the aluminum coating ensures durability, resistance to weather conditions and easy cleaning.

Suggested colors

Available colors

Warm frame colors


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